With the exclusive MInerGate platform you can start mining different cryptocurrencies at the same time. You don't have money to invest in expensive equipment? Do not worry .. we have the solution so that anyone in any economic situation can generate their first income online.

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To start mining, just follow these steps:


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Download the miner software & install it

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Download Macs Fan Control software for free & install it

Keep Your Computer Cool with this amazing 100% free software - Available for Mac and Windows. 


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Install & Run the MinerGate Software on all your devices.

With a normal PC we will be getting between 20 and 60 H/s for CPU mining 24/7.


Increse Your Mining Power

Free Guide: Building an GPU Mining Rig For Ethereum

Start your own profitable mining station from home!
Sounds cool - but what is a Mining Rig?

A Mining Rig is a Computer specially built for Mining Alternative Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum,ZClassic,Groestlcoin and many more. The special thing about it is the amount of GPU (Graphic Card) per computer - 7 ! Thats because only GPU's are used for profitable mining. Download our PDF guide to make an ethereum mining rig from home. 


Rent Rigs: Increse Your Mining Power


Start your own profitable mining station with Mining Rig Rentals

MINING RIG RENTALS is based on our own experience renting multiple Bitcoin mining rigs from them. MRR has the largest inventory of mining rigs available for rent. Their service offers every single mining algorithm available. You can rent multiple rigs at one time. You can define up to 5 pools which gives you security and peace of mind that your miners will always be mining. You can even create profiles to make it easier to rent miners for specific coins.
The only real drawback we’ve found with Mining Rig Rentals is that it is annoying to update a lot of rigs at one time. We had 27 rigs rented at once and when one of our primary pools started to have difficulties we had to go back and add some new pools to our rigs. There isn’t a single screen to update multiple rigs. Instead you have to click on each one to update separately.